"Just to let you know that I enjoyed your session on the 21st. Considering the short space of time available I think you covered an amazing amount and it was really useful"
Raymond Phines
Dun and Bradstreet

"Peter Clayton demonstrates how body language can be important between people of the same culture, especially if one gets it badly wrong."
Personnel Today

"Illuminating, educating and entertaining. What more can any one ask for. Best bit of the day. Please keep in touch."
Guy Peters - Reuters





Absolutely brilliant. As an ex-trainer and HR person I am hard to please! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually learnt."
Abbie Carberry

"I attended your Sales Course and am writing to thank you. There was a lot of information to absorb following the course, and the more I thought about it, the more there was! I gave myself a little time to really understand and appreciate the course content. Although I have in no way plumbed the depths of what you taught me, I am at least in a position where I can appreciate it. I am more confident in my approach, I am more aware of what I am trying to achieve and a little better at achieving it. All I need to do now is practice."
Steve Brown

"Very informative" "Very informative and was presented in an excellent manner. Enabled me to grasp all aspects of sales and enabling me to get my ‘foot in the door” Julia Hutchinson "Following the recent seminar in Manchester I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the day. I am sure that a great deal of what we covered will be of use to me in my changing role at work. Having discussed the course content with my manager, we would certainly be interested in receiving details of further courses run in the Manchester area"
Melanie Sheldon

"The course gave me practical advice to handle ‘giving in’ at negotiation stage which I am confident will leave me feeling happy at the close of a deal."
J. Preston

"I came away from the course very enthusiastic and was able to adopt a fresh approach which has led to a better quality to my business"
Gillian Gilman

"I just wanted to say thanks and ‘well done’ for today’s course. I found the content interesting, relevant and a lot of my personal questions on the subject were answered. However what was particularly instrumental for me was the delivery style which I found was well balanced, not patronizing and not al all ‘production line’ or hurried."
Julie Moss

"Excellent course. Lots of new ideas to put into practice. Recommend it to any consultant" Steve Bray"Just wanted to say thanks for a great day. I am ‘itching’ to put everything into practice. I thought your delivery and the way you related content to issues we face on a daily basis was superb."
Jenny Peters

“Many thanks for a wonderful talk. I'm sure I will put a lot of what I learnt to great use"
Sarah James - Orange

Perfect timing. I'm just planning another overseas business trip. I shall read it on the plane and hopefully make fewer mistakes
Abi Rendel - Oracle

“Peter is an excellent speaker, he makes everything clear and there is a real logic to his method of explaining how body language works. I intend to buy his book I would recommend him to anyone"
Alistair Lutton - Intel

"Peter explained it in such a way that made the information useful to our business. We intend to include it in future internal training. (Especially the parts in interviewing and negotiation.) thank you."
Adrain Brundle - Adobe