"Following the recent seminar in Manchester I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the day. I am sure that a great deal of what we covered will be of use to me in my changing role at work. Having discussed the course content with my manager, we would certainly be interested in receiving details of further courses run in the Manchester area"
Melanie Sheldon

"The course gave me practical advice to handle ‘giving in’ at negotiation stage which I am confident will leave me feeling happy at the close of a deal." Jill Preston "Since the course I have found it remarkably easy to ensure my team hits deadlines. Using techniques that at first seemed obvious, in practice they produced great results" Kirstie Whitehead "On behalf of us all, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us."
Si Butt

"Very relevant to every day experiences. Helpful alternatives to frequently unanswered problems"
Dani Novick

"I attended your Sales Course and am writing to thank you. There was a lot of information to absorb following the course, and the more I thought about it, the more there was! I gave myself a little time to really understand and appreciate the course content. Although I have in no way plumbed the depths of what you taught me, I am at least in a position where I can appreciate it. I am more confident in my approach, I am more aware of what I am trying to achieve and a little better at achieving it. All I need to do now is practice."
Steve Brown


“Great speaker, very interesting subject matter and a brilliant book.” Peter Clayton tells you all you need to know."
Helen Sayer - Evening Standard

“Informative, entertaining and useful. Highly recommended."
P. Cranmer - The Sinday Times

"An excellent approach to the difficult subject of body language . Clayton has a knack of explaining it in such a way that makes sense. I for one am a new convert. Don’t miss him the next time he is in the USA."
Sandra Whittington - NY Times

"Peter has a very interesting and helpful approach to a difficult subject. He has a great deal of knowledge and has been very helpful"
Richard Arnold

"They don't know what's happened to them but they just become aware that they have been analysed correctly"
Andrew Shanahan - The Guardian

A very practical approach to the subject of body language. Well worth a read." - Jane Dawson Daily Mail


“An interesting subject delivered in a useful way. I shall be watching everyone in a different way from now on.
Tom Lyndham - The Independent

“Excellent speaker and a must-read book”
Nigel Randle - Daily Mirror

"Plenty of very useful information when\ traveling overseas. A good approach to the subject. Highly recommended."
Alison Walker - Wall Street Journal

Most specialists in the world of body language generalize too for my liking. Peter Clayton really does understand this specialist subject
and explains it even better.
Jonathan Palmer - Assistant Producer - ITV

"Peter Clayton demonstrates how body language can be important between people of the same culture, especially if one gets it badly wrong."
Personnel Today

"Useful reading for anyone looking for their first job, a promotion or a new job with a different company. This book offers comprehensive advice on how to deal with any situation in the workplace. Its international approach reflects the differences in body language and etiquette when conducting business abroad."