"Peter Clayton demonstrates how body language can be important between people of the same culture, especially if one gets it badly wrong."
Personnel Today

“Many thanks for a wonderful talk. I'm sure I will put a lot of what I learnt to great use"

Sarah James - Orange

" Peter explained it in such a way that made the information useful to our business. We intend to include it in future internal training. (Especially the parts in interviewing and negotiation.) thank you."
Adrain Brundle - Adobe

"Useful reading for anyone looking for their first job, a promotion or a new job with a different company. This book offers comprehensive advice on how to deal with any situation in the workplace. Its international approach reflects the differences in body language and etiquette when conducting business abroad."


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Before starting Sales Solutions and Training Peter was well known as a leading business coach with a background in sales and senior management, and a track record second to none. Today he is very much in demand as a top trainer with more than 21,000 consultants and managers having attended his courses. Since the launch of his first book Body Language at Work in 2003 he has become one of the most popular trainers and speakers on business development in the UK, Europe and USA. He is a body language consultant for the BBC and ITV and writes for a wide range of national papers and magazines. He is also a specialist consultant to other speakers, leading businesses, celebrities and politicians. As well as a speaker, trainer and author, Peter is the CEO of the Association of Professional Recruitment Consultants.

Whilst we have run more than 3,000 sales and management courses in the last fifteen years we have also specialised in body language consultancy, training and analysis. We work with companies all over the world as well as most of the TV and film companies. It maybe that you want to improve your presentation or negotiation skills or you need a speaker for a conference. Why not call and discuss your requirements.

Whilst It is true that everyone is an individual with a delicate mix of different parts it is also true to say we all have elements of the four main personality traits outlined below,

The strongest side of our personality dictates what we are like, how we think and how we are likely to react in a given situation. Understanding this enables us to get the best out of the situation ourselves

The mistake we all make is in thinking that what motivates us should also motivate others. If it doesn't we sell, cajole or push people into seeing it from our point of view. This is often why the "Boss" is thought of as arrogant, inconsiderate or just a poor manager.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in Personality Profiling and we provide one-to-one training, courses and conferences all over the world.